Closing off registrations

Closing off registrations

We’d like to thank those of you who took part in the Dfinance Reward program! So far, we have more than 900 registered users! You helped us spread the word about Dfinance.

The program is finishing soon, and on 7 Sep 2020, we’re going to close registration as well as some of the activities*

We will no longer accept general program registration, and participation in the following activities will be halted:

Some of the memes, interviews, articles have not been checked yet, but we’ll finish the work on our side and allocate credits to all contributors according to the rules.

People who have already registered in the below-mentioned activities can continue to participate:

The new registrations for these activities will also close on Sep 7, 2020. The program will run till 27.09.2020

Registration for new participants is open for

Participants can keep on completing the tasks.

Note: In order to keep a clean and constructive public telegram chat, discussions of the Reward Program will be prohibited. If you have any questions, please check out our blog first; if you do not find answers or are unpleased with them, please PM one of the following team members directly: @luna2, @imnlns, or @amanai

Initially, we thought about allocating 50% out of the total pool to Technical activities, and 50% to Promotional activities (meme, reddit, twitter, announcement, article, interview).

During the program, we heard several community concerns, and we understand that some activities require much more time and effort than others. We took note of that and we will take that into account when calculating the allocation of the pools and credits. More details later.

Reminder: The total pool is 125,000 Dfinance coins (XFI). There’s never been a fiat equivalent for 125,000 XFI. The value will be defined by market conditions. Please make sure you understand and agree with all the details of the program before continuing your participation.

* We’d like to remind you that the program will run until one month after the launch of the mainnet, and the program rewards will be distributed to everyone approximately one month after the program completion. The mainnet is currently planned for Q4. We will keep everyone updated with the exact date as soon as we have one.

** We will check all Twitter accounts at the end of the program in search of bots and fake followers. The final number of participants and their credits may be changed based on the Twitter audit results.

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