Efforts to maintain a fair rewards program

Efforts to maintain a fair rewards program

In our search for high-quality community members and careful selection of candidates for our reward program, we would like to remind our community that the main principles of our project are honesty, openness, and transparency. We strive to create a healthy community and our goal is to bring people who are genuinely interested in the project on board.

We do not support fraud, hacking, or cheating, and our volunteers found several accounts on bitcointalk that violated these terms. All of these accounts will be blocked within a week and will not receive any rewards.

We appreciate those who honestly take the time and effort to support our project, and want the rewards to be distributed amongst these loyal, honest, hardworking community members. We will also recalculate amounts closer to the end of the program to ensure signature participants' efforts and limitations will be taken into account, as they cannot participate in multiple projects at the same time.

We give everyone a fair chance to join the rewards program and become a part of Dfinance and we appreciate those who participate in a sincere way, according to the rules. As always, our goal is to make it as fair as possible for all those participants.

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