The Financial
Instrument Protocol

Dfinance enables you to create and trade your own blockchain-based financial instruments with natural language tools.

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* - The final amount can vary significantly as it depends on many factors. The calculation was made according to the indicators of the most effective validators.

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Use our no-code tools to create financial instruments in minutes.


Dfinance integrates with a number of platform partners enabling you to create universal financial instruments, from DeFi to tokenized real world assets.


The Dfinance DEX enables you to build markets for the assets you create and access assets created by the community.


Use the power of Dfinance and the robustness of the Move language to create low-level modules to build any instrument you can imagine.

Get Started
> ~ % cd dfinance > dfinance % cat swap.move script { use wallet1uj8fqvn7gh9e3awfchz9gswhe82dul53mhkhns::Swap; use 0x1::DFI; use 0x1::Coins; use 0x1::Account; fun main(sender: &signer, seller: address, price: u128) { let usdt = Account::withdraw_from_sender(sender, price); // Deposit USDT to swap coins. Swap::swap(sender, seller, usdt); } } > dfinance % dncli q vm compile ./swap.move wallet1... --to-file ./swap.move.json Result saved to file ./swap.move.json Compilation successful done. > dfinance % dncli tx vm execute ./swap.move.json wallet1… 100000000 --from my-account { "txhash": "E838F79963231073C7951CC4D0DE04FC99F81FFEAEA93F7D65E4AE22B5501676", }

Latest Developments

Latest: Balthier 0.6 with staking & delegating

[DFI-597] minSelfDelegation, Cosmos fork migration (#195) * [DFI-597] project migrated to dfinance Cosmos SDK fork (based on 0.39.1); default MinSelfDelegation set 250000.0 xfi; test fixes * [DFI-597] go mod alias removed
[DFI-584] GLAV lib inegration (#190) * [DFI-584] Mod ccstorage: changed hardcode vm path to generated by GLAV lib * [DFI-584] Mod ccstorage: removed vm path properties * [DFI-584] Mod ccstorage: refactoring newBalance method * [DFI-584] Fixed go.mod * [DFI-584] Fixed glav version in go.mod * [DFI-584] merge fix * [DFI-584] fixed doc and hardcoded test path * [DFI-584] fixed paddings * [DFI-584] fixed typo * [DFI-584] fixed InfoPathHex method
[DFI-637] multisig support (#194) * [DFI-632] Migrate to new dvm response structure * [DFI-632] Fixed max gas value for VM * [DFI-637] Multisig suppurt * [DFI-637] fixed move scripts * [DFI-632] fixed XFI * [DFI-632] added status codes * [DFI-637] updated genesis * [DFI-632] fixed linter * [DFI-632] refactored utils * [DFI-637] fixed xfi path * [DFI-637] removed debug code * fix to genesis gen doc * [DFI-632] refactoring * [DFI-637] merge fix Co-authored-by: borispovod <>
[DFI-603] Disable rewards txes (#192) * Denied messages list (to disable rewards txs), same for CLI * cosmos version to v0.39.1 (previous branch missed) * Test disabled distribution txs * fixed comment
[DFI-632] migrate to new DVM resp format (#191) * [DFI-632] Migrate to new dvm response structure * [DFI-632] Fixed max gas value for VM * [DFI-632] fixed XFI * [DFI-632] added status codes * [DFI-632] fixed linter * [DFI-632] refactored utils * fix to genesis gen doc * [DFI-632] refactoring Co-authored-by: borispovod <>
[DFI-598] Renamed denom (#193)
Upgrade handler for v0.6.2 added for upgrade test (#187)
App module init changed (stakingKeeper pointer) (#184)
[DFI-594] vm mod: retry mechanism refactoring (#183) * [DFI-594] vm mod: retry mechanism refactoring (option to disable request timeout) * [DFI-594] Linter fix * [DFI-594] Sleep added (useful for tests only)
[DFI-575] LCS viewer (#182) * [DFI-575] VM mod: LCS viewer prototype added * [DFI-575] CLI output fix * [DFI-575] CLI output fix * [DFI-575] ModulePath support added * [DFI-575] Docs added * [DFI-575] REST API added + REST test; Cosmos SDK Swagger dependency fix
impl mem checker (#171, DFI-626) * Implements lru cache. * added mem checker test.
Update libra version. (#170) * Update libra version. * Changed dvm-api revision.
Change DFI ticker to XFI (#169, DFI-599) * Change DFI ticker to XFI * Update access vector tests.
VM input validator (#168, DFI-611) * Added max_gas_amount validation. * Updated request parser.
Updated libra version (#167, DFI-578) * Updated libra version. * Change dvm-proto rev. * fix ipc test (there's depends on OS's impl, so speed of shutting down and closing (unlinking) channel can be so much various). Co-authored-by: Alexander Koz <>
Disassembler (#166, DFI-455) * Move disassembler. * Refactoring. * Added disassemble documentation.
[dvm]Update libra version. (#165) * migrate libra * migrate ds * migrate compiler * migrate runtime * refactoring * remove unused code * fix transport * update .gitignore * update libra version. * update oracle implementation. * update Price value type. * added DataSource blacklist. * fix gitignore * CI: add versions prints * CI: remove dvm path because already in PATH Co-authored-by: Alexander Koz <>
bump version, upd deps (#160)
satisfy clippy (#162) * satisfy clippy * upd deps
CI: pin rustc version using matrix (#164)
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In 2014 helped make Crypti the 2nd DPoS protocol ever. In 2016 was a core member of WINGS DAO. In 2018 helped launch Beam MW.

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