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All the submissions before Sep 7 will be checked and rewarded according to the rules.

Reddit Account requirements:

  1. You must be enrolled in this program.
  2. Your Comment Karma should be higher than 50 points
  3. Your Post Karma should be higher than 10 points

How to participate:

  1. Create a post, not comments with a list of promising defi projects (from your point of view, at least 5). In this list, you must explain what you like about these projects, why you’re interested in them, their technology, etc. You should provide some value for others with this list, so share your opinion with others.
  2. Include dfinance in this list. Don’t highlight dfinance among other projects anyhow. This post should not be an ad of dfinance or other projects, the focus here is in YOUR opinion.
  3. Choose a crypto subreddit to post your list to, but first, CHECK IF YOU FIT THE RULES of a chosen subreddit

Note, that if you created a new crypto subreddit straight away and post it there your post won’t be counted.

  1. Some of the subreddits that we prefer:

How to report:

Activity closed


Comment karma:

50-149 - 1 credit

150-299 - 2 credits

300-599 - 3 credits

600 and more - 4 credits

List of all the participants

Note: to keep a clean and constructive public telegram chat, discussions of the Reward Program will be prohibited. If you have any questions, please check out our blog first; if you do not find answers or are unpleased with them, please PM one of the following team members directly: @luna2, @imnlns, or @amanai



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