Testnet v0.5.0 Release

Testnet v0.5.0 Release

Greetings to all!

Today we are updating the dfinance testnet to a new version. Below you will find a list of the main changes. If this is the first time you hear about the dfinance testnet, you may read more here about the soft-launch. We invite you to try it out yourself and leave us some feedback.


Beyond the usual bug fixing, refactoring, stability enhancements and other improvements, this release includes a bunch of new features:

  • A new Libra version is now supported. The updates include the following:
  • Signer type support
  • New events system
  • New standard library and new standard library owner address (0x1 instead of 0x0)
  • Added debug logging and detailed statuses for VM transactions
  • Updated the documentation based on the new Libra version
  • Increased the testnet maximum block gas limit to 10 000 000 gas
  • Changed default fee to 1 DFI
  • Updates to dncli, commands changes:
  • compile-script/compile-module -> compile
  • deploy-module -> public, execute-script -> execute
  • Added fee prevalidation
  • Removed transaction module from standard library
  • Native implementation of 'assert' (not in transaction module anymore)
  • Integrated the alpha version of DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for cryptocurrencies. Currently it only works with CLI and supports the following pairs:
  • Released a new version of the explorer, which now includes:
  • Mobile functions support - users can now check transactions/blocks/balances on their phone
  • Search by transaction IDs or wallet addresses
  • Wallet page that displays user balance and related transactions
  • Started internal testing of the new version of high-level language which will support creating options and futures

Other news

Apart from working on the testnet development itself, we’ve also:

  • Released a new version of the VS code plugin, which now supports the new Libra version and a sandbox for the Move code compilation and execution.
  • Designed and released the new Move Book version. It now contains more tutorials, detailed explanations, use-cases and examples. We hope that it will be useful to all our users.
  • Participated in Cosmos SDK and Libra development by merging a few pull requests there.

We continue our work on the next dfinance testnet release so please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about it and about the release of the high-level language demo and the long-awaited staking system. Stay tuned, make sure to check out our testnet in the meantime, and please, leave your feedback!

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