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Financial Instruments Just Several Clicks Away

Convert words into real financial instruments

Demo only available on PC

Interoperability Solution for DeFi Yield Farming Strategies

Using the dfinance high level language, build trading strategies and charge fees from people using your products

Decentralized Exchange

Offer your instruments or get exposed to other financial products using the built-in DEX or create your own DEX

Sneakers Markets with ease

A marketplace that taps into a 2 billion dollar industry


Stake. Delegate. Provide liquidity. Earn.

A marketplace that taps into a 2 billion dollar industry

Dfinance For Developers

As a developer you can use the power of dfinance and the robustness of the Move language to create low-level modules to build any instrument you can imagine

> ~ % cd dfinance > dfinance % cat swap.move script { use wallet1uj8fqvn7gh9e3awfchz9gswhe82dul53mhkhns::Swap; use 0x1::DFI; use 0x1::Coins; use 0x1::Account; fun main(sender: &signer, seller: address, price: u128) { let usdt = Account::withdraw_from_sender(sender, price); // Deposit USDT to swap coins. Swap::swap(sender, seller, usdt); } } > dfinance % dncli q vm compile ./swap.move wallet1... --to-file ./swap.move.json Result saved to file ./swap.move.json Compilation successful done. > dfinance % dncli tx vm execute ./swap.move.json wallet1… 100000000 --from my-account { "txhash": "E838F79963231073C7951CC4D0DE04FC99F81FFEAEA93F7D65E4AE22B5501676", }

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